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Frequently Asked Questions

Appropriate use

Can I play sport with my TASKA Hand?

The TASKA Hand is not appropriate for all sports as they may result in damage to the hand or other people. See the Appropriate Use Guide for more information.

I have a manual job. Can I use my TASKA Hand at work?

The TASKA Hand is built to handle the rigours of everyday life. It’s tough but not indestructible. It is suitable for many manual jobs but some tasks may take it beyond its limits. Please discuss with your prosthetist and see the Appropriate Use Guide for more information.

Can I drive a car or ride a motorcycle?

It is entirely possible to operate a motor vehicle with the TASKA Hand. However, you will need to consult your local authorities to ensure it is legal for you to operate a car or bike in your country, state or city. See the Appropriate Use Guide for more information.

Can I use heavy machinery while using the TASKA Hand?

The TASKA Hand has been made tough and will enable you to operate a range of heavy machinery. However, please ensure you read our Appropriate Use Guide and check all safety and legal requirements with your local authorities before doing so.

Fitting and support

Who can fit a TASKA Hand?

Only a certified prosthetist can fit the TASKA Hand. If you do not have a prosthetist, let us know and we’ll help you find a local clinic.

What other prosthetic components does the TASKA Hand work with?

The TASKA Hand is compatible with a wide range of upper limb components. It can also be swapped with other hands if your prosthesis has a Quick Disconnect Wrist connection. Talk to your prosthetist for more information and check our Support page.

What if I need some help with my TASKA Hand?

If you need help with your TASKA Hand, first contact your prosthetist, or email support@taskaprosthetics.com.

How do I find out more about the TASKA Hand?

We have a range of resources available for both users and clinicians, all of which can be accessed on our Support page.

Can a child use the TASKA Hand?

The TASKA Hand currently comes in two adult sizes – large and medium. Smaller models will be available in the future so watch this space.

Parts and products

Do you have a partial TASKA Hand?

At the moment, the TASKA Hand is only available as a full hand. However, we’re determined to help as many people around the world as we possibly can, and our design team are constantly working on new innovations. Watch this space!

How long does a battery charge last?

The standard battery is more than enough to last most people a full day and we recommend charging your prosthesis every night. Battery capacity upgrades are also available, talk to your prosthetist for more information.


If it’s raining, should I power off my TASKA Hand and put it away?

You can wear it in the rain, as long as you protect the non-waterproof parts with your jacket sleeve. All TASKA Hands are waterproof up to the wrist connection, and some models are waterproof beyond the wrist. Talk to your prosthetist for details.

Can I wash my TASKA Hand?

Yes, wash your TASKA Hand whenever you need to.

Will I need to wear a glove when using the TASKA Hand?

The TASKA Hand is waterproof and dust resistant without a glove, so you don’t need to wear one for most activities. However, we do recommend you wear a work glove for activities like gardening. As a general rule, if you would wear a glove on a non-prosthetic hand, then you should wear one on your TASKA Hand too.

If the Thumb Boot (cover) is torn or has small holes, can I still use it in water?

Tears or rips in the Thumb Boot do not compromise the waterproof seal and you can continue to use your hand around water. If you wish to have the boot replaced, ask your TASKA Representative. These are replaced free of charge at each annual service.

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