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Parts and accessories

Battery Y-cable

Double the total capacity of the TASKA Power System by adding a second battery to the prosthesis.

Grip Tips

For replacing worn or damaged Grip Tips on the fingers and thumb.

Car Charger

Charge the TASKA Hand on the go. For use in 12 - 24V car accessory sockets.

Lamination Collar

The TASKA Lamination Collar is the key to locking in a waterproof wrist connection for your prosthesis.

Lamination Dummy Blocks

For fabricating a prosthesis. Kit contains Lamination Dummy Blocks for both battery cells, Power Switch and a drill guide.

Low Profile Lamination Kit

For fabricating a new Low Profile socket. Power Switch, Battery, Switch Block and Lamination Dummy Blocks may also be required.

Low Profile Maintenance Kit

Keep the running and sealing surfaces of the Low Profile Wrist in good condition. Refer to the 'Low Profile Maintenance & Care Guide' for more details.

Mains Charger

Charge the hand anywhere with a wall plug. Includes universal plug kit.

Palm Plate

Available in black, white or sand for all TASKA Hands.

Power Switch

For use with the TASKA Battery and chargers.

TASKA Battery

Additional 2000mAh battery to be used with the TASKA Power Switch.

Top Faceplate

Available in black, white or sand for all TASKA Hands, 3 per pack.

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