“We are all driven by the same thing. Developing a prosthetic hand that is not just a little better, but hugely better.”

Mat Jury, founder and Product Director

Design philosophy

We value design here at TASKA with a design-centric approach embraced throughout the organisation. This ultimately leads to a greater focus on the customer - intending to better serve the people we’re creating for.


Every idea we explore and every decision we make is driven by an innate desire to help our users. We work with compassion and sensitivity, in an environment where transparency and trust are paramount.

Form and function

Our products are performance-driven and elegant in their simplicity. Details matter - the end product is the sum of each one of its parts, with the same amount of energy and focus spent on both the internal elements and the external aesthetics. 

Never stop

Design is a way of life for our team. We refuse to accept the status quo, constantly asking questions, leveraging market insights, and embracing user feedback as we strive to enhance our existing products, and develop the next life-changing ones.

Sense of calm

This is a method of working which enables our team to navigate the challenges of the design process. It is a mindset that provides us with a sense of confidence, and one which has a significant influence on our design language.

History and heritage

New Zealand is a country of pioneers with a proud history of innovative and disruptive thinking. It is an environment which has nurtured us and drives our own creative spirit here at TASKA.

“Design guides everything that we do. It reflects our empathetic approach, our inquisitive nature, and our ongoing quest to make the complex simple and the fragile more robust.”

David Lovegrove, Head of Design.

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