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TASKA HandGen2

The all day, every day prosthetic hand.


The TASKA HandGen2’s robustness and versatility allows you more control of your daily life.

The original, built to last.

Resettable Knuckle Release

The releasable knuckles protect the fingers from damage and are easily reset.

Grip Cycle buttons

Easy-to-use buttons provide simple access to grip changes and other features.

Shock absorbing Knuckle Block

Gives the hand durability and allows the fingers to splay, offering a more natural grip.

Motorised thumb rotation

Motorised rotation mimics real hand movement and improves grip speed.

Flexible wrist

In-built flexible wrist with three lockable positions or free flexion mode.


Waterproof. Easy.

Rated to IP67, TASKA Hands are the first to be truly, fully, deeply waterproof.

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