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When you’ve got a prosthetic hand that can withstand more, then you can carry out an even wider range of everyday tasks with peace of mind.


Thanks to TASKA’s HydroSeal™ waterproofing technology, the TASKA Hand is the world’s first truly waterproof myoelectric hand.


Smarter grips, more natural movement patterns and our Quick Disconnect Wrist all contribute to a simpler, intuitive user experience.

Totally waterproof, truly revolutionary.

We strive to enhance the lives of our users.

When used with compatible components, the TASKA HandGen2 extends the waterproofing beyond the wrist - no glove required. Our HydroSeal™ waterproofing technology opens up a new category of everyday actions that TASKA users can access with ease.

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“Nowadays, I’m just like all the other dads…maybe even a little bit cooler, given I’m the only one with a bionic arm!”

Rik Walker, bionic Dad
New Zealand

When software tester Rik Walker flew from his motorcycle and crashed shoulder-first into a lamppost, his right hand (and much of the arm) was left paralysed. He lived like that for the better part of 15 years before making what was, in his own words, the ‘best decision of his life’ when he chose to have the hand amputated.

When Rik was first fitted with his TASKA Hand there were, understandably, some significant adjustments to make - after all, he had spent a decade-and-a-half using one arm. But, in the space of just two to three weeks, the movements had become intuitive and his life had changed dramatically!

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We love sharing the stories of our TASKA Champions, by celebrating their achievements, we hope they can help to inspire you as much as they inspire us.

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