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Meet the team

We're proud to have built a team of true industry leaders; experts in their respective fields who share a common desire to make a difference in people's lives.

Aidan Burgess
Senior Product Design Engineer

Alyssa Avery
Head of Support

Anais Aguilera
Marketing Coordinator

Andrea Garland
Executive Assistant

Brodie Bosecke
Software Developer

Cameron Richards
Junior Product Design Engineer

Cameron Nichols
Hardware Engineer

Christina Shepherd
Software Developer

Clive Thomas
Senior Hardware Designer

Damien Chollet
Manufacturing Engineer

David Lovegrove
Head of Design

Devon Drew
Repair Technician

Diana Enache
Inventory Coordinator

Diane McDonald

Douglas Hilson
Technical Support and Sales Engineer

Emma Noonan
Project Manager

Evan Keats
Software Developer

Faith Cruz

Gerard van Soest
Principal Embedded Software Engineer

Jackson Lo

James Skeggs
Industrial Designer

James Williams
Product Manager (Australasia & North America)

Jamie Cairns
Chief Executive Officer

Jason Nicholson

Jenelyn Green

Jonathan Thompson
Hardware Engineer

Julia Harrison
Software Developer

Leigh-Anne Mollenhauer

Leon Borcoskie
IT Systems Engineer

Lisa Hudson
Regulatory and Compliance Manager

Luke Anderson
Multimedia Content Creator

Mandy Zhao

Mark Godenho
Head of Marketing

Mark Tindle

Mathew Jury
Inventor & Director

Matt McGowan
Junior Industrial Designer

Matthew Yan
Senior Product Design Engineer

Megan May
Product Design Engineer

Michael van der Werff
Product Design Engineer

Michelle Barratt
Graphic Designer

Neil Stephen
Head of Global Sales

Niklas Immink
Clinical Technologist

Nikki Wheaton
IT Analyst

Nicolas Jones
Product Design Engineer

Ross Dawson
Senior Product Design Engineer

Ryan Hawkins
Logistics Coordinator

Sabine Parry
Business Development Manager

Simon Boyd
Chief Financial Officer

Simona Collin
Country Manager

Tania Cogle
Purchasing Officer

Thomas Duffy
Production Manager

Tobias Schulmann
Chief Information Officer

Wai Ho

William Hughes
Lead Developer

William Rathbun
Manufacturing Quality Engineer

Xiong Ye
QC and Production Technician

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