You cannot compare TASKA™ to other myoelectric hands – the design of the hand mechanism and control system is that far advanced. 

  • It's water resistant. Do more inside and outside with no need for a glove.
  • Highest level of impact protection available. Do more with confidence.
  • Flexible palm, high rotating thumb speed, and independent finger speed make for more natural and faster gripping.
  • TASKA™ has a wide open grasp. Pick up more objects with precision.
  • Lateral finger movements, and strong lateral thumb grip take confident gripping even further. Great for making beds, cutting a steak, and many tasks previously difficult or not possible.
  • Integrated wrist with rotation and flexion, for a more natural arm length and movement.
  • Flexible Control System with access buttons and LED indicators on the top of the hand. 
  • A vibration tested design with cushioning into the thumb and the wrist.
  • Light to “Heavy” duty use in one robust hand. 
  • TASKA™ has 23 different grips but is designed to do most daily tasks with just 3. 
  • No need for expensive add-ons that make the prosthesis longer.

SEE how advanced technology helps you do more.


Suddenly the chores that were hard work are now fun

A huge difference...haven't broken it yet which says a lot about how strong it is. It just keeps going

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