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The forecast is bright, even in wet weather.

It's the simple things that make your life easier.


Reliable and flexible? Yes, really.

For more than three decades, the Quick Disconnect technology remained virtually unchanged. Then, one of our users asked us ‘why’? - that was all the encouragement we needed.

With infinite rotations, reliable release and improved life, our industry compatible Quick Disconnect Wrist offers total flexibility. Dual release buttons make it easier and faster to change your hand, while also enhancing grip security and preventing unwanted releases.

Whether you have an old socket or a new one, the TASKA QD is ready to go – it’s compatible with all industry-standard QD lamination collars and wrist rotation systems.


Submerge past the wrist? No problem.

Simple tasks, like washing the dishes. Just knowing that you can, without having to glove-up, makes all the difference.

The TASKA Lamination Collar is the key to locking in a waterproof wrist connection for your prosthesis. Compatible with EMG electrodes, pattern recognition systems and all industry-standard Quick Disconnect terminal devices, the TASKA Lamination Collar gives both the prosthetist and user more options.

Case studies

We love sharing the stories of our TASKA Champions, by celebrating their achievements, we hope they can help to inspire you as much as they inspire us.

Living life full throttle.

Meet Adrian Ware

A real trail blazer!

Meet Jodie O'Connell-Ponkos

Restoration of a passion.

Meet Bryden Zaloum

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