How do you know if TASKA™ is right for you? And what is the process like?

Your first port of call is your clinician and rehab team. They will guide you in finding the best prosthesis and if they haven't come across TASKA™ before, be sure to point them in our direction. If you choose TASKA™ we work closely with your clinician in a step-by-step process, at your pace. Learning the grips and movements can be a lot of fun but it is important to start with just the basic three grips (Pincer, General Grasp and Flexi-tool) and take it slowly. The ongoing support is a big part of your success with TASKA™. Read about the extent of our support here.

 The very best reason to choose a TASKA™ is if you want to do more.

Here are some points to ponder on, and discuss with your clinician and rehab team:

  • If you are practical person, a handyperson, a gardener or you need a practical solution that covers home and the workplace – the TASKA™ is most likely for you. It's a practical persons “do more” tool.
  • In fact the in built flexibility of the hand along with water resistance and superior grip make the TASKA™ the best available myoelectric companion in the home for a majority of indoor tasks.
  • But it doesn't look like a real hand? Some people prefer it to; it is an important personal consideration. The downside however is that the hand will require a glove. These prosthetic gloves can tear easily, reduce battery efficiency and certainly reduce finger speed. You lose practicality because they are not so durable.  Here’s some encouraging feedback to consider from a TASKA™ user:  “I used to love to go out to restaurants for dinner. Now I do again. What once was self consciousness is now confidence - with something as simple as being able to cut my steak easily with a knife and fork in public without it careering off the plate. I’ve noticed the interest in the hand is nothing to do with “poor me” - it is fascination with an amazing tool. That feels good.”
  • Awkwardness.  People do fear that any prosthesis is going to be clumsy or even painful, so see how it has been for people like you in our Testimonial and Blog sections


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