Company Update: Welcoming our CFO and General Manager

Company Update: Welcoming our CFO and General Manager

TASKA are proud and excited to announce the appointment of two senior staff members this month. Welcome, Neil Stephen, General Manager of Europe and the Middle East, and Simon Boyd, Chief Financial Officer.

What are your professional backgrounds?

Simon: I have 30 years of experience as a senior finance professional in a variety of commercial and Chartered Accounting positions. This experience has covered a wide range of industries, from large, complex, internationally focused manufacturing and distribution companies, to retail, service and hospitality businesses, as well as smaller family-owned companies. For the last 12 years I have worked at HamiltonJet, serving the last seven of them in a joint Chef Financial Officer / Chief Information Officer position. I have a wide variety of skills across finance, information technology and systems, manufacturing, distribution, exporting and international business.

Neil: I have spent 20 years working in international sales and marketing, and the past ten years working in the prosthetics industry. Starting off as responsible for European sales at Touch Bionics, the designer and manufacturer of the myoelectric hand, iLimb, and then taking up the position of Head of International Sales at Blatchford, a designer and manufacturer of innovative lower limb solutions.

What attracted you to TASKA?

Simon: There were three things that attracted me to Taska. Firstly, the product and the significant difference it can make in people’s lives, it really is life-changing. Secondly, the technology aspect of the product and the complex design and manufacturing required to achieve the goals of a rugged, waterproof hand. Finally, the chance to utilise a wide range of my skills to help Taska grow internationally and become the number one choice for myoelectric prosthetic hands was just too good to pass up, as above all else I am passionate about helping companies grow and achieve their goals.

Neil: I enjoy working with end-users, engineers, and clinicians immensely, and feel privileged to have the opportunity to combine my interests in technology and being able to help people in their daily lives. When I saw the Taska hand I could see that many problems of previous versions of multi-articulating hands had been solved and that the team were not resting on their laurels. I know that more exciting and practical developments are to come. I am looking forward to being a part of the team at Taska and bringing cutting edge technology, innovation, and practical daily solutions to end-users, clinicians and payers alike.

What activities do you enjoy in your spare time?

Simon: In my spare time, I ride motorcycles off-road, ski in the winter, and enjoy a large somewhat eclectic music collection.
Neil: Let’s go with travelling, reading, photography, baking the perfect French baguette, fiddling with electronics and looking after a 1976 Alfa Romeo.