“A Huge difference, it simplifies things.”

“A Huge difference, it simplifies things.”

Gavin Wilson is an Artist who works with Stone. Carrying on his Art work, and even doing daily ordinary tasks has been a challenge with other prosthetics Gavin has tried over the last five years.

 Prior to using the TASKA™ he used the hook for his art and tough workshop jobs, and switched to a myo-electric hand for the everyday tasks.

 Then things changed considerably. As part of the research process for TASKA™ – Gavin found this hand covered all his needs and made a huge difference in general to what he could do.

 “It’s a pretty interesting piece of kit.” Gavin said.

 “Firstly I can use one prosthetic for everything. I can carve in steel and stone with it and it’s pretty indestructible.  In every day terms it does things other prosthetics just can’t.  Crucial things that were once hard to do, like eating,“ he said, “It holds cutlery firmly and easily.”

 Gavin shared his surprise at how simple it is now to open a bottle, peel a banana, and even squeeze toothpaste. Tasks that were not possible before, now are, and others that were possible with difficulty, are a whole lot easier.

 “For example, now instead of putting my coffee down to open a door, then go back and pick it up – I can open the door with TASKA™ and hold my coffee in my hand. Or when I come in from working with a filthy hand, I can just turn the tap on with my TASKA™ and clean it myself with no mucking about or any help.”

 “ You can even feel comfortable shaking hands with it, as it moves, flexes and grips in a natural way,” he added. “ People are genuinely interested in the TASKA ™ hand and how it works, rather than just staring.”

 Another big plus is that you don't need a rubber glove with the TASKA™ because it is waterproof.  As Gavin explained, rubber gloves for his earlier bionic hand prosthesis got easily damaged by objects, and regularly needed replacement.

 Gavin points out that the process of fitting and getting to know how to use the TASKA™ is easier too. 

 “With a clinician whose clued up, you can be right into doing more in a couple of days. I don't even think about picking things up now. I have the hand set on the 3 main grips and I just twitch a muscle automatically without thinking. Before I had to arrange an object to pick it up, now I just do it. ”


Gavin feels that TASKA™ has given him not just more practicality but relief on an emotional level.


“Everyone wants to go back to where they were before losing a hand – this is impossible – but TASKA™ for me is the closest there is to it.  The best thing about it is that is makes you feel more complete.”