From four wheeling to family life, TASKA assists Kevin to do more.

From four wheeling to family life, TASKA assists Kevin to do more.

Picking up Kevin's story put a smile on all of our faces here at TASKA. It's the epitome of why we do what we do, to restore ability all day every day. Kevin Breen is one of our early adopting USA based users. A quadruple amputee who is now back on track in returning to his highly active lifestyle. From four wheeling to family life, TASKA assists Kevin to do more. We caught up and checked in with the man himself to see how things are going one month into life with TASKA.


“The fact that Kevin is a pretty heavy duty user, he’s on the high end of activity, and the fact that he’s going to be super reliant on his prosthesis…we wanted to get him something that’s a little more rugged”. Ryan Sheridan, Certified Prosthetist – Hanger, Inc.


How would you compare TASKA to other prosthetic hands you’ve used in the past?

Straight off the bat, the extensive number of grip patterns I have access to has given me the ability to complete more day to day tasks. A huge advantage of the TASKA is its ability to grasp with such precision and control. I no longer have to worry about something as simple as picking up a coffee cup without crushing it, picking up my kids toys or squeezing a sauce bottle without running into a small eruption! 

It's fast. The combination of TASKA's speed and wrist flexibility makes picking up various objects quick and easy. I've found it grasps cylinder objects particularly well, such as a broom handle, zero turn lawn mower and the four-wheeler for example. Then, of course, its waterproof functionality is a game changer. The ability to get the hand wet helps me to wash dishes as well as washing my other hand without fear of wrecking it. Lastly, the overall perception from others has been very welcoming which is a great confidence booster.


Learning with TASKA, from a usability perspective how have you found TASKA?

The TASKA like all myoelectric hands takes time to build up confidence and isn’t something you’ll master overnight. My advice to new users is that you’ll only get out what you put in. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort figuring out what grips work for you and your personal needs the possibilities are endless.


What has surprised you the most? Are there any tasks you regained the ability to do which before seemed out of reach?

TASKA has been designed with practicality and durability at the forefront. The ability to prepare my own food has had the most impact. What was once unachievable is now enjoyable. TASKA has given me the ability to securely and safely hold a knife and fork, making food preparation a breeze. Being as independent as possible is a huge deal to me. Not relying on someone else to help me at every meal has made a significant difference to my quality of life. 

A special thanks to the wonderful folk at the Hanger Clinic for connecting us with Kevin or has he’s known in their neck of the woods, Mr Giggles!