Why Bryden describes TASKA™ as "streaks ahead"

Why Bryden describes TASKA™ as "streaks ahead"

Compared to what he had used before, the TASKA ™ is “streaks ahead” according to Bryden Zaloum.  After losing his hand in a motor racing accident 30 years ago, he has had plenty of experience with hooks and other myoelectric prosthetic hands in his quest to do as much as he possibly can, with as little difficulty as possible.

This made Bryden’s feedback invaluable in the development and refinements of the very first prototypes of TASKA™.  His input over five years of research provided insights that have helped make TASKA™ leap ahead in the practicality stakes.

Before using TASKA™ - the hook, or claw as some call it, enabled Bryden to do tougher practical tasks that required dependable strength.  However the way the hook works placed a lot of pressure on this back neck and shoulders, and he eventually wrecked his back. The myoelectric hand he was using before TASKA for the lighter tasks would also break easily, and needed regular replacing of fingers and gloves.

 “There was no solution around for a really practical prosthetic hand that can move that does the tough jobs and lighter precision tasks as well,” he said. Then along came TASKA™ and according to Bryden, it's a whole new ball game.

 “From the start it was unbelievable what TASKA ™ could do,” said Bryden, “ I found the usual chores easier to do, and suddenly there were new things I could do with confidence that I could not before. Driving the car with TASKA™ is brilliant, and gives my real hand a rest.

 “My son used to rub his hand on mine to wash my hand in the basin. Now, because TASKA ™ is waterproof, for the first time I can wash my own hand.  It’s those little things, as well as the big things that the TASKA™ allows me to do that really surprised me.  For me, the great thing is the ability to cut my own steak without chasing it around the plate.  The grip is firm, and makes going out to dinner a pleasure again.”

 “In all tasks, the fact that the gripping is fast and that I can now grip things confidently is huge, “ Bryden added, “ because it can do more, I can also give my overworked real hand a break.”

 “It opens your life up in other ways too. People look at my TASKA™ with interest, not pity. It’s not Luke Skywalker technology – but its simple, practical, smart and very cool.

 Bryden encourages people to have an open mind, and trust in the learning process.

 “I had to stop thinking it would be hard, because that was my previous experience.   However, with TASKA ™, after the first try I was opening and closing the hand almost intuitively.  The fact that after a few days of getting used to it I could talk to someone and unconsciously intertwine the fingers of TASKA™ with my own - shows how quickly you can become comfortable with it.”