“A Huge difference, it simplifies things.”

Gavin Wilson is an Artist who works with Stone. Carrying on his Art work, and even doing daily ordinary tasks has been a challenge with other prosthetic hands Gavin has tried over the last five years. Prior to using the TASKA™ he used the hook for his art and tough workshop jobs, and switched to a myo-electric hand for the everyday tasks.

Why Bryden describes TASKA™ as "streaks ahead"

Compared to what he had used before, the TASKA ™ is “streaks ahead” according to Bryden Zaloum. After losing his hand in a motor racing accident 30 years ago, he has had plenty of experience with hooks and myoelectric devices in his quest to do as much as he possibly can, with as little difficulty as possible.

A clinician's view on the practicality of TASKA™

To be able to offer a really practical solution when people are making their choice of prosthetic hand is great news, according to David Wilson-Brown. (Prosthetist at Synergy Prosthetics, and Lecturer at LA Trobe University, Melbourne.) “Putting it simply - it allows the user to do more tasks,”

From four wheeling to family life, TASKA assists Kevin to do more.

Picking up Kevin's story put a smile on all of our faces here at TASKA. It's the epitome of why we do what we do, to restore ability all day every day.