It started out a bit like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their garage, in the ‘apparent’ disarray so typical of passionate technology engineers on a mission.

This time it was scientist, engineer and inventor Mathew Jury going it solo. For the first 3 years, whilst still employed as a Network Engineer, he burned the midnight oil for fresh answers to the flexibility and fragility issues that plague every myoelectric hand on the market.  His meetings with international experts, clinicians, and trials of the first models – added fuel to the innovation fire. Then, when experimenting with flexible palm designs, the major breakthroughs came.

 Mathew gathered a multi-talented team around him, and a growing resource of contractors. With funding for research and development TASKA™ moved from prototype to reality. Today the TASKA™ team share the same mission:

“We are all driven by the same thing.  Developing a prosthetic hand that is not just a little better, but hugely better. For us innovation has never been about creating a piece of new technology – it is all about delivering real life practicality that improves people’s lives.”



The precision design and engineering of TASKA™ has made simple what is not in other models.  The control system and the hand mechanism have been made as practical as possible so you can do more tasks. You can choose to change grips by hitting a button on the back of the prosthetic hand  as well as traditional EMG methods. The multi-articulating hand mechanism is flexible yet tough in a way that sets it apart. Its open grasp is wide so you can pick up more objects. Its grip speed is impressive. It’s waterproof.  This kind of precision engineering opens the door for practical people to complete many more tasks inside and outside.



TASKA™ Prosthetics is now a growing global prosthetic manufacturer based in New Zealand and marketing to Australia and USA.  From our manufacturing plant, consistent precision product rolls off the production line with the same dedication we give to our support service for Clinicians and TASKA™ users.